About Us

Grace Point United Methodist Church is a unique ministry in a rural setting. Grace Point is one church with two campuses set in the beautiful Grand Lake area. Each ¬†campus has it’s own charm, style and unique history.

The Cleora campus (Cleora Methodist Church) was founded when the Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees was formed. When the Pensacola Dam was being engineered, the members of the Cleora community moved to higher ground out of the path of what would be Grand Lake. The little church on the hill started out with a small sanctuary and some classrooms, but the distinction for the Cleora Methodist church was the concern that the members had for serving in the community through outreach ministries and spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ.

The Ketchum campus (Ketchum Methodist Church) was founded in  the community of Ketchum. The members of the Ketchum Methodist Church have been active participants in the community in partnership with the schools, civic organizations and events. The members have inspired generations through their children, youth, and adult ministries where the love of God was taught, experienced and lived.

The combination of the two makes for an outstanding ministry opportunity to serve the communities of South Grand Lake and provide a unique worship experience.